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Punks - We make awesome websites

Tilda is totally
It can everything (or almost everything)!
Make promo or product sites, event sites, business card sites, online-school sites, and even online stores. Pages created on Tilda look great across all devices, cheaper and work twice as fast using ordinary web-sites creating.
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video production
в подборке #madeontilda
event agency
Estory Market
the first food mall in Yekaterinburg
roasting and selling coffee
Ginza Project
restaurants, hotels, markets, public spaces
apartment complex
Repin Towers
apartment complex
VLG Capital
investment company
online gymnasium
Rock You
creative production
Cook with love
contest promo site from NaturFoods and Botanica
repair and maintenance of Mercedes-Benz
Geo Pro
photo agency
Brief & Sloganof
naming and logos
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Why Punks?
We don't need IT-specialists to create websites. Okay, just a little bit to make your site perfect! It's a significant saving of money and time
We're good at bright and effective design and we know how to show off on your website
It's really easy to upload and change content. You can do it yourself or we'll teach you. We're ready to help you during one month
Working on the website, we are completely immersed in your business
We study your business processes from the point of contact with the audience to the completion of the transaction.

Finding growth points in the market and determining how you can use them.

We completely analyze your audience. We find hidden motives and barriers that need to be overcome in order to interact with it effectively.

Exploring competitors to understand how they differ.
Create a website prototype. It allows you to see the project at the very beginning.

We generate texts and headlines to keep your audience and lead it from the first screen to ordering, registering, sending data. We make content interesting and engaging, meaningful and useful.
We customize illustrations and add animation on the website to show your product, service or company entirely to the best advantage and to distinguish it from competitors.

Make your websites mobile friendly

We effectively place the necessary accents on the important elements of the website to help the user complete the targeted action.
Draw and animate
We integrate the project with all popular CRMs to create a sales funnel for your business.

Choose the right metrics and analytics systems.

We do SEO optimization.
Launch and integrate

With the help of design and thoughtful user scenarios, we try to make communication more effective. Everything so that our clients are pleased to see, hear and fall in love.

We keep the communication and visual part at a high level by saving our clients' budgets and programming timing.

We share with clients our expertise in design, marketing, UI / UX, advertising and strategic marketing.

Our mission

Preserving culture
It is important for us to be useful and effective
An irresistible desire to do cool
In spite of the budget, timeframe and task. We are real fans and we charge our clients and our projects with this passion.
Team approach
People are the most important. Therefore, we build our work on team thinking. This allows you to take each project to a new level, make unusual decisions and not give up in any situation.
Clear processes
We are original and creative. That's why we need clear and fine-tuned processes. In our team, everyone knows their responsibilities, but at the same time they can get out of the frame.
It is important for us to be honest with our clients. We will always say if we disagree and agree on what others do not. This is how we are honest with ourselves.

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620043, Russia, Yekaterinburg, Frolova str, 19/1, office 5